Traditional Knowledge

Farm Sourced

Made in Kerala

Nature based Ingredients

Why Ambadi?

At Ambadi Goshala, we are dedicated to harnessing the timeless wisdom of tradition and the purity of organically farmed resources to bring you a range of holistic and rejuvenating products.
Nestled in the heart of nature, our goshala is a sanctuary for cows that are revered for their sacred contribution.
With a commitment to sustainable farming practices and the principles of Ayur-veda, we invite you to experience the essence of purity and vitality through our offerings.

रसायनानि संगृह्यात्मदर्शनं दुर्बलम्, प्राक्तना तर्कस्य च ।
प्राक्तना तर्कस्य च, प्राकृत्या सह यदि सांजीवनं कुरुते ।।

Laced with chemicals, true nature remains hidden and weak until it is too late for a remedy.
However, when something is infused with nature's essence (prakriti), the change is immediate, visible and life-giving.