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Ambadi Panchagavya KumKum

Ambadi Panchagavya KumKum

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The practise of applying Kumkum by women on the forehead is a traditional practise in India that has spiritual, cultural and religious significance and is associated with health benefits. When applied in the parting of the hair by married women Kumkum is a symbol of Shakti – The Universal Energy.

The ingredients used to prepare Kumkum have to be of highest purity and benefits since the skin is highly permeable and sensitive on the face, forehead and the scalp. The traditional ritual of applying Kumkum using the ring finger combines positive elements and purity of the ingredients to bring forth a positive outcome to the lady and those beholding her.

With changes in lifestyle and preferences the Kumkum has been replaced with synethetic products. However, such products are a poor replacement and use ingredients which are harmful and their regular usage can lead to adverse side effects not limited to headaches and allergies.

Natural and Pure Kumkum has been used across generations for its benefits including enhancing the radiance and blood circulation to the face and facial muscles.

Kumkum was originally prepared using Turmeric, Lemon and Ghee. And it was a 100% natural product.

Gopuram Red Kumkum - Bamagate –

We present Kumkum in its traditional pristine form made using authentic and high purity turmeric, lemon and ghee from Indigenous Cow as a matching tribute to the purity, positivity and energy of women who play a very vital role and radiate seemingly endless energy.

Net Weight : 40g

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