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Ambadi Charcoal Tooth Powder

Ambadi Charcoal Tooth Powder

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Ambadi Goshala's Charcoal Tooth Powder is not like any other tooth powder. Activated Charcoal absorbs the impurities and odors in the mouth and soothes the teeth, while the Triphala, Chunda and other Herbal Medicines contained in it strengthen the gums and provide relief from dental diseases. It also provides relief from many diseases caused by chemical toothpastes.

Testing Activated Charcoal for Skin, Teeth, and Hangovers

Charcoal Tooth Powder is a popular oral care product that has been used for centuries. Here are some potential benefits of using charcoal tooth powder :

  1. Whitening : Charcoal tooth powder is known for its ability to whiten teeth by removing surface stains caused by things like coffee, tea, and red wine. The activated charcoal in the powder works by adsorbing (not absorbing) these stains, helping to reveal a brighter, whiter smile.
  2. Freshening Breath : Charcoal tooth powder can help freshen breath by neutralizing bad odors caused by bacteria in the mouth.
  3. Detoxifying : Charcoal tooth powder is believed to help detoxify the mouth by removing toxins, bacteria, and impurities that can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.
  4. Gentle on Enamel : Unlike some whitening products that can be harsh on tooth enamel, charcoal tooth powder is generally considered to be a gentle, non-abrasive option that won't damage your teeth.
  5. Natural Ingredients : Ambadi’s Charcoal tooth powder is made of natural ingredients like Activated Charcoal, Triphala, Rock Salt, Black Pepper, Clove, Thymol, etc.

Net Weight : 60g

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